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The Time Is Now for Service Provider SD-WAN

Live Webcast, September 18th, 2019
Cisco Knowledge Network Recording Now Available:

SD-WAN is seen as the next generation of networking solutions. ACG Research expects nearly a third of enterprises worldwide to adopt SD-WAN by 2023. As more enterprises look to lower costs and gain more control over their networks, they are recognizing that SD-WAN is much more complicated than some early vendors claimed. They are looking for partners that can make SD-WAN as easy to deploy and use as any other managed service. Service providers that can meet this need have a huge opportunity to dominate this exploding market.

Before they can, however, Service Providers must do two things. First, they need to recognize SD-WAN for what it is. SD-WAN is not just another virtualized network function; it is a platform for innovation. Second and most critically, service providers must get into the SD-WAN game now. The longer they wait, they will face still competition.

In this special webinar, Ray Mota Principal Analyst, ACG Research will review a new study on the SD WAN market imperative for Service Providers, the key uses cases driving enterprise adoption, and recommended go-to-market strategies for launching new SD-WAN managed service businesses.

We’ll also share how Service Providers can leverage new capabilities from Cisco’s SD-WAN portfolio combined with Cisco Managed Services Accelerator (MSX) to securely offer SD WAN as a value-added, monetized multi-tenant managed service to business customers.

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