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Refresh your data center now with new offers from Cisco

Live Webcast, October 3rd, 2019
Cisco Knowledge Network Recording Now Available:

The future of the data center is rapidly changing. Applications are evolving, developers are expanding their use of containers, Cloud presents the challenge of where data lives and managed. The traditional centralized data center is morphing into remote islands of compute, storage and network that deliver edge computing, cloud services and improve delivery of the application. This presents a challenge for Data Center management and operations.
Now is the time to review your data center requirements and think about your future vision of what it will deliver for your customers.

Let’s face it, technology doesn’t stay consistent, products age and either goes end of sale or support. This is a perfect opportunity to review your requirements and take the time to implement newer technology. Join us October 3rd as Cisco shares innovative ways to improve your data centers through our exciting refresh programs.

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