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Live Webcast, November 5th, 2019
Cisco Knowledge Network Recording Now Available:

Automating Software Defined Networks: Escape the Margin-Crunching Vise

Consumers and enterprises use more data every day. Meanwhile competition and commoditization are driving down the price of data. Service providers must find a way to serve more data at lower prices with fixed capital spending. This seems like an impossible task. Are they caught in a margin-crunching vise?

In this special session you’ll learn how Cisco can help Service Providers escape the vise with automation and segment routing for more capital-efficient software defined networks. We will share how Service Providers can optimize bandwidth on existing network infrastructure using Cisco’s closed loop automation, CX services, and security portfolio as part of a “better together” solution for full lifecycle management.

We’ll also share insights on how service providers can create new revenue streams with enterprise bandwidth on demand offers. This session will include a demo of the solution along with some real-world use case examples.

Event led by:
John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Service Provider Product Marketing, Cisco Systems
Marc Austin, Director, Product Management Service Provider Network Automation, Cisco Systems

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