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Live Webcast, November 12th, 2019
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Mobile Backhaul - The bridge to keep your network flowing until you are ready for 5G

Service provider customers continue to display an insatiable appetite for content, bandwidth and new services. With more data-heavy applications securing their place in consumers’ daily lives, the move to 5G, the growing reliance on connectivity by most industries, and the pressure on service providers to transform how they innovate and deliver services continues to increase.

Cost to serve is rising faster than revenues. As a result, most CapEx funding has been used to build capacity. In addition, new services are costly to operate on the existing network architecture. The investment required for transformation is mis-aligned with the current business model.

Join this Cisco Knowledge Network Session with Ray Romanczyk, Cisco’s Director of Systems Engineering and Jim O’Leary Sr. Product Marketing Manager discuss, the is real current need!!!

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