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Live Webcast, December 11th, 2019
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Create a telecom data center solution now that’s ready for your 5G future

The current, typical model for building a services network can no longer meet the needs of new applications and the expectations of users. Operators are constrained by legacy vendor architectures that have remained essentially unchanged for many years. Although these architectures were useful in prior generations, they aren’t suited for today’s more dynamic, application-driven environment. Operators urgently need a new model to ensure they remain competitive delivering new services faster, while decreasing both capital and operating expenses.

A software-defined architecture that includes cloud virtualization and automation will help operators meet these new application and operational demands. With the onset of a new software-defined architecture, the supply chain for network infrastructure deployment changes at a fundamental level. It will support an unprecedented level of versatility, allowing operators to combine best-in-class functions from multiple vendors. Operators also can evolve services as needed to address the demands of a competitive environment.

In this webinar, we will explore the needs of a new services infrastructure with particular focus on the regional and central data centers within a service provider’s infrastructure. We will show how you can implement a data center solution now that is also ready for your 5G future that’s coming fast. We will explore three use cases and provide details on how one mobile operator has reimagined an end-to-end mobile network for the 5G era and implemented a Telco Cloud model.

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