TechWiseTV Workshop: Enterprise-Grade Trust: Collaboration Without Compromise

(Original webinar September 26, 2019)

In today’s agile work environment, customers need to collaborate in real time with partners, vendors, and customers, and they want the best collaboration tools possible. At the same time, they’re cognisant of potential accidental or intentional misuse of data and malicious attacks – and the ramifications they can have for their company’s finances and reputation.

Cisco provides best-in-class collaboration tools with true end-to-end encryption that enable secure cross-company collaboration. Find out more about the six considerations for collaboration security and the new Cisco Webex Extended Security Pack – which provides a full-functionality Cisco Cloudlock cloud access security broker for Webex Teams with native Webex anti-malware capabilities powered by Cisco Talos ClamAV.

This workshop will cover:

1. How people’s work has changed
2. The changing security landscape for both malicious misuse and accidental loss of data
3. Six considerations for collaboration security
4. Cisco’s new security and compliance capabilities with Webex Control Hub
5. The new Webex Extended Security Pack

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